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Giant double zip lines

Description: This is one of the most requested products. The giant zip line starts on a totem and finishes on another. Arrival is in height, increasing the sensation and emotions to an already exciting leap. In addition, the user can descend either using the stairs or by a leap into the void.

It incorporates a quick access system so the users can easily climb to the jump platform. This system has a continuous life line that ensures safety.

Zip lines can vary between 100 and 500 m (109-545 yd) and users can reach a speed between 35 and 65 km/h (21-40 mph). Each zip line incorporates two cables to guarantee front descent and double the security. The braking system is aeromagnetic and with automatic re-arming.

It is managed with 2 or 3 operators, depending on the number of users at the time.

At CMO we have developed the giant double zip line that allows two simultaneous jumps, doubling the jumping capacity with the same number of instructors…

Both the giant zip line and the giant double zip line have night lighting. This allows for a usage time slot increase and provides completely different sensations to the user.