R & D


Before making any movement on the ground, the CMO Proyectos engineering and architecture departments will have conducted the relevant surveys, using only the leading software for facilities design. This way, we ensure that everything runs smoothly and guarantee maximum safety and proficiency.

Surveys & Studies

Land survey
Thanks to this survey we obtain all the information about the the terrain in order to enhance all its potential, calibrate levels, distances, zip lines’ speed…

Geo technical Study
This study allows us to estimate the required foundations for each installation.

Calculation Tools

CYPE allows us to carry out a behavioral analysis of each product in order to find out their limits and tolerances. With SAP, we obtain information about the behavior of cables and its transmission to the structural elements that hold it. SOLIDWORKS gives us the design and calculation of small pieces. AutoCAD allows us to draw the facilities floor plans down to the last detail of manufacture and assembly.

CMO Innovations

As a result of our constant drive to search for new trends in the sector worldwide, we are continually developing new leisure facilities for all markets. This innovation is carried out always keeping in mind the combination of such important factors as fun & security, management & capacity, aesthetics & minimal maintenance, etc.n

The latest products enhanced by our brand are:

Game innovations

R & D en Parque Multiaventura CMO Proyectos

From the Totem to the Mega totem

If CMO already turned around the the adventure parks' market with our pioneer Totems®, we have now gone one step further with the Mega totem:

  • We have increased strength and height, allowing for more game levels and a better land distribution for optimum usage. This translates into the possibility of running new games and having longer and more powerful zip lines, the most popular ones in the market at the moment.
  • We have developed a system of fast access to these higher zip lines through ladders and platforms. This allows for a greater number of jumps in less time and significantly reduce waiting times for participants. Participants are always belayed, increasing the safety level.

R & D en Parque Multiaventura CMO Proyectos

Double zip line

We've made the double zip line a reality. Two people flying in parallel is now possible. We've achieved this by taking into consideration the following aspects:

  • The wish to optimize the park operation, doubling the jump capacity with the same number of operators, doubling also the jumps profitability.
  • The wish to increase the fun of people jumping in pairs. It means a great innovation. Certainly one of the most popular products!

Security innovations

R & D en Parque Multiaventura CMO Proyectos R & D en Parque Multiaventura CMO ProyectosR & D en Parque Multiaventura CMO Proyectos
Bolts system

At CMO, we have developed a system where the platforms are fastened to the trees by way of bolts. This means abandoning the traditional clamping system used throughout Europe which, over the years, severely damages the tree causing it unavoidable death. Bolts not only do not harm the trees, but they also are maintenance free!

Bolts are unaffected both by adverse weather conditions such as wind or snow or by the passage of users. The system is stable and does not undergo displacement. Your facility will always look perfect and be ready due to the lack of movement of the platforms.

After performing a phytosanitary study we are able to chose those specimens that are healthy. However security measures such as a disinfection process with agents that do not harm the tree but eliminate any fungus that is latent in the cortex and has not been detected are taken.

The bolts system is easily without the need to touch the tree. Bolts can be designed in different sizes in order to adapt to the thickness of the tree so that no step surface is lost or visitors can wait for their family members or friends without compromising stability.

The Bolt System is a harmless procedure for the tree. It allows for the tree's quick recovery and does not cause alterations in its development as the tree's natural growth can be estimated. Once the platform fixing system is in place, it does not need to be replaced in 10-15 years time, allowing the tree its natural development.

The system is easily removed, leaving no residue or traces of the bolts attachment as the tree absorbs the system naturally.

R & D en Parque Multiaventura CMO Proyectos


Bradley network

We have added new security measures to the zip lines. The Bradley network is designed as a safety redundancy in zip lines departures and arrivals.