Parques de aventura y entretenimiento, construcciones de madera

Night lighting

Description: The lighting system incorporated by CMO to its facilities, allows customers to extend the opening hours and, therefore, increase profitability, both in winter and summer periods. In fact, being able to take the night tour is a very attractive lure for visitors, because sensations are very different from the one felt during the day.

Following current trends, lighting is done through micro-LEDs, working on low power and low voltage. This reduces costs and eliminates the risks of electricity when dealing with kids.

We carefully study what is the best location, the perfect intensity and type of light each micro-LED should give out. We also study the right light beam for each challenge/bridge so that participants can enjoy the adventure courses without the need to add any other lighting systems.

The installation combines hidden wiring, inside the totems, with air cables so they mingle with the courses and the environment, beyond user’s reach. The totem poles and trees lighting carries the same color as the course they are located in so they are easier to identify.

The micro-LEDs are designed to withstand being outdoors. Light is warm in order to avoid dazzling and it can be reoriented.

It is not necessary to be connected to the traditional power grid. You can work with clean energies (PV panels or wind turbines), representing  a more ecological and sustainable alternative. After the initial investment there will be no more expenses.