Parques de aventura y entretenimiento, construcciones de madera

Jumpland Aventura Park (Tarragona)

Location: outskirts of Cambrils (Tarragona)

Area of influence: Salou, Tarragona and surrounding areas

Area: 4 hectares (9 acres).

Investment: €550.000

Park features:

  • Olive grove and organic garden
  • Private property
  • Private parking
  • Installation on totems



  • Active child course
  • Family green course
  • Family blue course and return by zip lines (two zip lines, one above the other)
  • Climbing wall
  • Giant zip line ending underground
  • Night lighting powered by solar panels


  • Senses Labyrinth
  • Football-golf
  • Organic garden
  • Indian tepees
  • Coffee shop & bar with a patio
  • Picnic area
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