Parques de aventura y entretenimiento, construcciones de madera

Palmeral Aventuras (Elche)

Location: Urban area, Elche (Alicante). Accessible by public transportation (city buses stop nearby).

Area of influence: Elche, Alicante and surrounding area

Area: 5 hectares (12 acres).

Total investment: €2,5 million

Park features:

  • Palm garden with original Arabic irrigation system (terraces)
  • Assigened municipal land
  • Private parking
  • Installation on towers, totems and TriAction tower



  • Children passive course
  • 2 active children courses (yellow)
  • 2 family green courses
  • 2 family blue courses
  • Red course
  • Zip lines course
  • Zip line for the disabled
  • Giant double zip line (two simultaneous jumps in parallel)
  • The TriAction Tower
  • 2 leaps into the void
  • 3 urban climbing walls
  • Night lighting


  • Navigable lagoon for family boats
  • Archery range (6 lanes)
  • Laser range (3 scenarios)
  • Singular traditional Arabic garden (fruit trees and cereals)
  • Chill-out area
  • Haimas or Bedouin tents for events
  • Multipurpose room

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