What makes us different

From the beginning, opening up an Adventure Park is a business that raises many questions. The first question you need to ask yourself is: what professionals will I trust to guide me and put my project together. Finding the right professionals will greatly determine the odds of success in your business.

To help you in your choice, we want to share with you, as a basic guide, the principles and best practices that govern all CMO Proyectos actions based on our 20 years of experience and over 140 leisure projects undertaken by us and that made us the industry leader.

1. If you are investing your money in a project, secure your chances of success

At CMO we conduct a market survey and a viability study of the project before accepting the challenge. Also, keep in mind that the road to success in this business lies in optimizing maintenance and personnel costs, which are obtained from good manufacturing and management from a good project design.

2. Experience is a safe value

A consolidated company must be able to prove sufficient experience in similar projects that are still running. At CMO we can provide you with references of more than 60 real projects. Be very careful! Ask for a full report of existing projects.

3. Quality has a price

Trust your investment to a company like ours, with its own infrastructure and facilities and that can support you through the entire process: from conceptualization to design, manufacture, set up, implementation and subsequent maintenance. At first it may seem more expensive but, eventually, you'll see the benefits, as many companies end up having to outsource their production processes, losing control and reducing quality in order to be competitive.

4. To properly compare budgets, calculate the price per linear meter installation

All Parks' quotations and proposals are very different both in shape and contents. A simple way to compare them is to divide the final amount of the budget between the total linear meters (not including zip lines). This way, you can get an idea of ​​how many actual meters long is the park and how much the meter costs with each supplier.

5. When we talk about people, safety is paramount

You can not gamble with a set up that will be used thousands of people. CMO uses different automatic and approved safety systems. You will be able to sleep with a clear conscience.

6. Beware of ghost companies!

Choose a trustworthy supplier. At CMO we have no qualms in showing you proof that we are up to date with our payments (to suppliers, Social Security, Tax Office...) and that all workers are properly hired and qualified for their duties... In short, be sure the you will be putting your money in reliable hands.

7. The Spanish Local Government only works with the best, why don't you do the same?

Having won Public Bids is a good reliability indicator. The Spanish Local Governments are very strict and demands for companies to prove both technical and financial solvency. Ask to see the Satisfaction Certificates granted by the Government. At CMO we have won 10 public bids so far as well as a number of satisfaction certificates.

8. Do not believe what you can not see with your own eyes

Today, thanks to new technologies and the Internet, many companies actually lie about the work they have done. Don't let yourself be fooled! Demand to see actual photos of the whole process involved in the major parks and check all the information received. If possible, visit one the parks to see for yourself if the quality you are being sold is real. Carefully observe the finishings' manufacture.

9. Look for companies in the market that also offer you Advise and Consultancy for your project

Meet personally your consultants. At CMO we help you with the legal requirements, we guide you through the procedures with the Administrations (licenses, public tenders, local permits...), we help you implement your idea and start the park operation... In short, look for companies that know their work goes far beyond selling and setting up an adventure course, that are committed to the client and the project, using professionalism and experience to create a profitable enterprise. You will benefit from it.

10. Work only with true professionals

It is not enough to be an enthusiast of the outdoors to create a successful adventure park. As in any serious business, great professionalism is the key. Works must be carried out by a team of experts, supported by professional surveys(topographic and phytosanitary), calculations of structural engineering and review of the architecture project. In addition, a company that invests most of its resources in R & D, shows a  commitment to moving forward and innovate in order to produce only the best for the market. As a result of this work, we have several patented products at CMO, currently being the CMO Totem and TriAction Tower our star products.