CMO Parks

Parks designed by CMO

CMO designs and builds adventure parks using supporting structures and trees, creating a series of courses including different activities. These are self-guided and safely located at between 1 and 15 meters high above the ground. Courses can overlap up to three levels.

There are 6 different effort levels. Thus, even though a park might already have several courses they can always be expanded or reproduced just with the addition of new structures and challenges, according to the needs in each case.

Types of parks

At CMO Proyectos we work on two types of parks, always seeking to meet our customers' demands.

New-establishment Parks. In this scenario the adventure facilities will be the backbone of the new business.

Parks as complementary facilities. On this other scenario, we implement the adventure facility in an existing business, seeking expansion, diversification, attracting new audiences or bringing existing customers back.

Our own parks: (Click the images to see the park's details)